Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How we can get long life in tools?

People always likes to get the tools with prolong life. Cutting tool's life can be based on the economical, tool geometry, performance. The economical conditions based on the cutting speed, feed and depth measures. The tool geometry is means to obtaining the optimum geometry by the tools. The performance of the tools is based on the tool material, cutting fluid, work material and machine tool.
Based on the tools type the life can be varied such ad drill and milling tools life is different from one another. Excessive feed pressure, poor cutting with sharp drills or drill breakages can indicate that the drill tip has an insufficient lip relief angle. Drilling machines with continuous speed change is better than stepped or periodical speed change. In milling tools, the shallow depth with high feed gives higher metal removal rate and increased life.
Here are some ideas for getting tools in long life,

Using lubrication
While using tools for larger diameter steel area, it produces the heat and damages the tools. For avoiding that use oil for, this lubricates the metal and tools as it spins. The oil also acts as a heat sink absorbing much of the heat. Simply squirt oil on the metal before you start to tools and add more oil as you operate.

Use coating
To increase the life of high-speed steel, tools are sometimes coated. One such coating is TiN (titanium nitride). Most coatings generally increase a tool's hardness and/or lubricity. A coating allows the cutting edge of a tool to cleanly pass through the material without having the material stick to it. The coating also helps to decrease the temperature associated with the cutting process and increase the life of the tool.

Using air circulation
Tools with the turning heads and turning type tools using the coolant bearings for avoiding the heat also gives long tool life. Usually the machine tools are having sealed bearing in the head but it will not help during overheat, while it also cause the problem. For avoiding this problem the bearing with air circulations can help to cool the tools and it increases the tools life.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Choosing the right quality tool suppliers in a smarter way

The tooling and machining industry is the basis for all of the manufacturing industries and well-suited for people who like to work with their heads as well as their hands. Many factors should be considered when choosing a quality measuring instruments. Tools selection is a major aspect of almost all the manufacturing industry, because there are lots of instances in which precision is necessary to a greater level. Only high quality tools generate very minute results. From designing complex tools to precision engineered machine parts, tool making finds use in a wide range of manufacturing and engineering applications. With greater improved technologies in machining and design capabilities, today it is quite easier to produce high performance precision manufactured tools. However, when it comes to choosing a quality precision tools provider, it can be quite difficult with so many outfits claiming to provide unmatched services. Designing and making precision tool requires a lot of planning, high performance equipment, technical knowledge and skills. In this post we will take a deep look at what things you should remember when choosing the right tool making service.

By using latest available technologies like CAD designs, CNC machining, most of the manufacturer gives shape to tools and devices that are used in the various industry. However, there are various companies that offer precision tools. As a result, choosing an ideal machine has certainly become a tedious one. In spite of this, you can get the right precision tools and instrument by shopping smartly by following the below mentioned tips.
What to Look For
How long have they been in business?
When choosing best precision tools manufacturer or supplier, don’t forget to review their portfolio of their previous projects. With that you can judge their level of working experience and find how they expertise in tool making services. If you found everything is perfect, consider as your choice.

Level of Quality
If you're looking for something more specialized but still at a low price, consider quality. Keep in mind that before going for cost, sure to check their quality first. Is their instrument maintaining its calibration over a long period of time? Sure to check the instrument to achieve the same degree of accuracy on repeated applications (often referred as precision).

Cost of tool                                                                                                              
After considering quality, next step is cost. The precision measuring tools available in market from higher to reasonable price, but it all depends on the manufacturer level. Some branded tools have high cost, but with best quality. It’s an acceptable formula that some tools have high cost based on manufacturer. If you need high precision tools for a long time, you have to choose branded companies. Always consider quality (precision) not cost.

Technology Used
Enquire about what kind of technology they are using for their tool manufacture process. Check out whether they are using CAD integrated designs, the type of CNC or computer numeric control machining techniques. Now-a-days most machine operators use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to control, manipulate and manage precision tool production. The technology used will have a significant impact on the quality, finish and functionality of the manufactured tool as well as the time taken to manufacture it.

Time of Delivery
Enquire about the time required to complete a tool making service or a particular job. Generally, when it comes to making tools, there will be some amount of waiting period or lead time. However, good tool maker services ensure lower lead times. Some people accept over period, because they need high precision tools and not just tools. Some manufacturers or suppliers deliver only the best quality tools at high speed.

Finding just the right precision tools really depends on your needs and preferences. Having a tool available when you need it is important, and measuring tools these days, as with most other hand tools, can be very inexpensive. However, because you want accurate measurements that will eliminate fitment headaches down the road, it is recommended that you buy the very best tool you can afford.

These six aspects are some of the most important things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right tool making service. Whether you buy a tool from us or from another company, keep these features in mind. It will help you decide on the best quality tools to meet your needs.

If you are looking for an effective and efficient tool making service, your search ends here. SP Tools, one of the leading suppliers of precision engineering products, offers high quality tool suppliers for a wide variety of industries. We give you quality service at a low price.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Benefits of choosing tungsten carbide Drills

A drill is a type of cutting tools; commonly it is used for boring holes in the material in which the material is hard. Drills are used various applications such as woodworking, metalworking and construction other than it is used some personal work.
The tungsten carbide is the stuff that gives hardness to the drill tools compared to the other material; it gives less cost and more usability. Basic drill types in tungsten carbide are solid carbide drills, carbide indexable insert drills, carbide drill bits and welded crown replaceable tungsten carbide drill.

Solid carbide drills
The Solid carbide drills are different from other drills and it is practiced in the small spacing applications. With the help of solid carbide drill, can drill holes in a lot of surfaces such as stone and masonry. The carbide masonry drill bit can be 39 inches long and can dig through concrete to help install wiring and plumbing. Using the solid carbide drills gives superior strength, precise in cut and prolonged usage.

Carbide indexable insert drills
Insert drill is small tool and it provides cutting operations because they not brazed or welded to the instrument body. The main advantage of insert drills is less cost because the small part only made up of the carbide. The ability to employ replaceable inserts in a variety of grades and geometries also provides flexibility advantages.

Carbide drill bits
This carbide drill bits are moved over the benefit while drilling into heavy steel and other textiles such as rock. This also makes the precision in cutting and this comes in different in varieties such as hole saws and standard twist bits. Carbide drill bits can enhance performance when utilizing the drill, and make it easier to finish a building job or house repair task. Carbide drill bits are also commonly used in machine shops across the country and also it gives long durable life.

Welded crown replaceable tungsten carbide drill
This is the new generation of drilling tools and this is composed of steel and replaceable solid carbide drill body crown. It machining operation is precision compared to other drill due to the crown can be substituted. This drill adopts self-centering blade geometry, cutting force is small, for the majority of work piece material all can achieve good chip control, good surface finish, processing the hole size precision and positioning precision is very high, no longer for subsequent finishing. This support internal cooling method so it can be used in machining center, CNC lathe or other high speed machine tools.

When choosing carbide drill machining accuracy, first of all need to look at the size of the drilling machining accuracy requirement. In general, by processing the bore is smaller, the smaller tolerance also.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Metal Cutting Tools Role in Industrial World

Metal Cutting Tools Role in Industrial Machine World
Today's world, machineries plays the vital role. Human's life integrates with machineries. Increase the significant of machine operation directs the today's industrial world to new evolution. Main objectives of industrial world are cost-effective manufacture and quality. To achieve these objectives Industrial people need to pay attention in choose the best metal cutting tools. Metal cutting tools are significant one in the machinery manufacture. 

Multi Point Metal Cutting Tools Suppliers

About Metal Cutting Tool
Metal cutting tools are typically used to shape the metals to usable forms. Metal cutting tools are indispensable one in machine manufacture process. Metal cutting tool is removing the unwanted material from the work piece metal by cutting action to get required component of machine. Commonly there are two main types in metal cutting process such as orthogonal cutting and oblique cutting. Metal cutting tools can be classified according to various factors cutting edges, motions. According to the cutting edge cutting tools can be classified as single point tools and multi point tools. Single point tools are applied in shaping, plaining, turning and it also used to remove the unwanted metal. Multi point tools such as driller, end milling tools are used in grinding operation. As well as according to the motion it can be differentiated as linear motion tools, rotary motion tools and liner and rotary motion tools.

Metal Cutting Tool Suppliers

Characteristics of Metal Cutting Tools Materials
Hi-quality cutting tools should have the characters such as wear resistance, toughness, hardness. So the material used to make the metal cutting tools must have hardness in high temperature, toughness so that tool do not get fracture and wear resistance - long life time. Metal cutting tools are manufactured by various materials such as High Speed Steel, Tungsten Carbide. High speed steel cutting tools are widely applied in various industries. They are drills, reamers, milling cutters & end mills, ground thread taps. Tungsten carbide tools are applied to cutting the diamonds.
Objectives of Metal Cutting Tools
To achieve the economical manufacture, metal cutting tools have some vital features such as high class surface finish, less power consumption, cost-effective tool, quick metal removal, economical in tool replacement and sharpening the tools, minimum deal time of machine tools. Best metal cutting tool must satisfy the above mentioned objectives. So industrial people are pay heed to select the metal cutting tool.

Features of Tungsten Carbide Tools

Cutting tools are defined as a tool designed to cut material or object. Cutting tools are manufactured by various materials like carbide, high speed steal, cobalt alloys, ceramic, cermets, CBN and diamond. Most of the metal cutting tools are manufactured from Carbide. A cutting tool manufactured by carbide material like tungsten, titanium, or tantalum is called carbide cutting tool. Carbide is a binary compound that means consisting of only two elements. Carbide compound mainly have carbon, as well as more electropositive elements or less electronegative elements. Carbide components are hard material and having high heat and wear resistance. Tungsten is one of the carbide materials that has equal amount of carbon and tungsten atom.
Material that is used to make cutting tools must have following characteristics. There are hardness, toughness and wear resistance. Carbide material has all the above characters. Cutting tools are mainly designed to remove the unwanted portion from required one. Cutting tools are used to various kinds of works such as turning, shaping, plaining, milling and drilling. Metal cutting tools are classified as two types. There are single point and multi point. Tungsten cutting tools is multi point metal cutting tool that used in milling and grilling.
Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

Tungsten carbide tool is one of the best metal cutting tools, because of its characteristics such as hardness, toughness and scratching resistance. Compare with HSS, Carbide tools have higher temperature resistance. Tungsten carbide tool has sharp cutting edge compare with other tools, so they exactly cut the metal in required shape. And also have capable for cutting more hard metals. High temperature resistance of tungsten carbide tool increase the working speed of tool. As tungsten carbides have high temperature resistance and hardness, most of the manufacturers are using this in their high speed drill bits.
Tungsten carbide tool has long life time because of its hard and temperature resistance character. Tungsten carbide tools are used in both industrial and non-industrial. Tungsten carbide tools are mainly required in milling and drilling. Manufacturers regularly use tungsten carbide tools to cut hard material. However tungsten carbide tools have more features, which is less expensive. Special characters of Tungsten carbide tools are sharp cutting edge, more hardness and high wearing resistance. These are the characters are specify the tungsten carbide tool is best most among the cutting tools.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Metal cutting tools using tungsten carbide and it applications

In previous blog we see about how we choose metal cutting tools and what the types of tools based on the materials. Now this blog we see about tungsten and carbide tools and its applications. The material carbide gives hardness to the material but in the real life, due to the cost of that material it is used with tungsten but in some cases solid carbide tool is inserted in to the part of the tool. It also gives the effectiveness in the metal cutting.

Tungsten carbide cutting tools contain equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. Basic form of the tungsten carbide is fine gray powder, after pressing and forging die, it develops as steel that is used for machineries and metal cutting tools.  These types of tools have high abrasive rate, this nature of tungsten carbide is very helpful for cutting metals. Especially rotary tools are made by solid carbide for giving fast in that tools such as milling tools.

Tungsten and Solid carbide tools:
There are many tools are available using solid carbide and tungsten carbide tools, Tips & Inserts, Rounds, Rod, Plug, Flats, Tip Tool as per IS & special, Carbide End mill, Drill, Slot mill, Reamer, Taps, Tipped index able milling cutters & Face mill cutters,  Rotary Burrres cutters, Boring Tool, Parting Tool.

Carbide Tips and Inserts:
Inserts and tips are the small inserts for tipped tool whose shank is made of another material, usually carbon tool steel. This gives the benefit of using carbide at the cutting interface without the high cost. Insert tools have ability to cut hard or abrasive materials. To increase the life of carbide inserts, they are sometimes coated. A coating allows the cutting edge of a tool to cleanly pass through the material without having the material gall or stick to it.

Carbide rounds and rods:
Carbide round bars have good abrasive resistance with bending strength, so it is used to make special cutters with various tools.

Carbide plugs and flats:
Plug is used along the die to maintain the Inner bore of the pipe. Plug gages are one such inspection tool that is used for checking and verifying the dimensional accuracy of a hole in a component.

Solid carbide mills and drills:
Carbide mills are used in various milling application in different industries such as general machining, mold and die, power generation and aerospace. Solid carbide drills are used to giving dimensional accuracy and improved finishing surface.

Solid carbide reamers and taps
Solid carbide taps are used to cut alloys and it gives higher removal rate so it gives smoother finishing operations. In this reamer is used to rotator type cutting, mostly the reamers are used to putting the hole.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to Choose Metal Cutting Tools

Cutting of the metal refers “getting metal to use”. In olden days tools are used to perform these operations that are operated by hand but now-a-days that are all operated using machineries. The high level machineries also use these basic types of tools for its operations.

The metal cutting operation refers not only cutting commonly it refers shaping of the metal. The shaping refers, bend, cut, stretch and shrink metal. To perform these are all the operations required separate tools. The work efficiency of the tool is based on the work adaptation of the tools. So choosing tools based on the work is important.

In growing technology there are many tools are available. Here I explained some types of tools and its uses. Tools are categorized under

       1.  High speed Steel and tungsten carbide tools
       2.  Diamond cutting tools

High speed steel and tungsten carbide tools

High speed Steel and tungsten carbide tools are the material or steel to be used to cut the metal. The high speed steel have higher rate of carbon for giving its hardness. Tungsten carbide steel has the equal part of carbon and tungsten.

Diamond cutting tools

Diamond is the hardest material than other material. It gives high strength through good wear resistance and low friction coefficient. This type of tool is used with bond types. This is best suited for non-metallic and non-ferrous tools.

The metal cutting tools are made up of any one of these material based on the hardness of the material would be cutting. So choosing tools gives also choosing material work. Cutting method gives abrasive to cut the metal.  Method of cutting metal is also the important in metal cutting process such ad laser, plasma, oxy-fuel and water jet. Mostly the cutting method is based on the metal to be cut.

In above explained cutting tools material, the high speed steel and tungsten carbide tools are mostly used because cost expensive of the tools, diamond cutting tools are also give good efficiency but it cost is higher than normal cutting tools. The diamond cutting tools does not produce heat and it has good life span based on the cost.