Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to Choose Metal Cutting Tools

Cutting of the metal refers “getting metal to use”. In olden days tools are used to perform these operations that are operated by hand but now-a-days that are all operated using machineries. The high level machineries also use these basic types of tools for its operations.

The metal cutting operation refers not only cutting commonly it refers shaping of the metal. The shaping refers, bend, cut, stretch and shrink metal. To perform these are all the operations required separate tools. The work efficiency of the tool is based on the work adaptation of the tools. So choosing tools based on the work is important.

In growing technology there are many tools are available. Here I explained some types of tools and its uses. Tools are categorized under

       1.  High speed Steel and tungsten carbide tools
       2.  Diamond cutting tools

High speed steel and tungsten carbide tools

High speed Steel and tungsten carbide tools are the material or steel to be used to cut the metal. The high speed steel have higher rate of carbon for giving its hardness. Tungsten carbide steel has the equal part of carbon and tungsten.

Diamond cutting tools

Diamond is the hardest material than other material. It gives high strength through good wear resistance and low friction coefficient. This type of tool is used with bond types. This is best suited for non-metallic and non-ferrous tools.

The metal cutting tools are made up of any one of these material based on the hardness of the material would be cutting. So choosing tools gives also choosing material work. Cutting method gives abrasive to cut the metal.  Method of cutting metal is also the important in metal cutting process such ad laser, plasma, oxy-fuel and water jet. Mostly the cutting method is based on the metal to be cut.

In above explained cutting tools material, the high speed steel and tungsten carbide tools are mostly used because cost expensive of the tools, diamond cutting tools are also give good efficiency but it cost is higher than normal cutting tools. The diamond cutting tools does not produce heat and it has good life span based on the cost.

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