Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Features of Tungsten Carbide Tools

Cutting tools are defined as a tool designed to cut material or object. Cutting tools are manufactured by various materials like carbide, high speed steal, cobalt alloys, ceramic, cermets, CBN and diamond. Most of the metal cutting tools are manufactured from Carbide. A cutting tool manufactured by carbide material like tungsten, titanium, or tantalum is called carbide cutting tool. Carbide is a binary compound that means consisting of only two elements. Carbide compound mainly have carbon, as well as more electropositive elements or less electronegative elements. Carbide components are hard material and having high heat and wear resistance. Tungsten is one of the carbide materials that has equal amount of carbon and tungsten atom.
Material that is used to make cutting tools must have following characteristics. There are hardness, toughness and wear resistance. Carbide material has all the above characters. Cutting tools are mainly designed to remove the unwanted portion from required one. Cutting tools are used to various kinds of works such as turning, shaping, plaining, milling and drilling. Metal cutting tools are classified as two types. There are single point and multi point. Tungsten cutting tools is multi point metal cutting tool that used in milling and grilling.
Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

Tungsten carbide tool is one of the best metal cutting tools, because of its characteristics such as hardness, toughness and scratching resistance. Compare with HSS, Carbide tools have higher temperature resistance. Tungsten carbide tool has sharp cutting edge compare with other tools, so they exactly cut the metal in required shape. And also have capable for cutting more hard metals. High temperature resistance of tungsten carbide tool increase the working speed of tool. As tungsten carbides have high temperature resistance and hardness, most of the manufacturers are using this in their high speed drill bits.
Tungsten carbide tool has long life time because of its hard and temperature resistance character. Tungsten carbide tools are used in both industrial and non-industrial. Tungsten carbide tools are mainly required in milling and drilling. Manufacturers regularly use tungsten carbide tools to cut hard material. However tungsten carbide tools have more features, which is less expensive. Special characters of Tungsten carbide tools are sharp cutting edge, more hardness and high wearing resistance. These are the characters are specify the tungsten carbide tool is best most among the cutting tools.

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